As a Qualified Real Estate Agent & Team Leader With a burning passion towards the industries, Darren keeps himself abreast with the latest news & trends of the market. Darren believes in delivering high standard of customer service by providing speedy and prompt market updates, leveraging on the latest marketing platforms to reach out to a greater audience for his clients' property listings. Maintaining a close relationship with an extensive network of business associates such as mortgage brokers, solicitors & representatives of SME / MNC companies. Being a part of Propnex's network of more than 7,600 active agents is a huge unbeatable upper-hand advantage in disseminating his clients' listings for exposure and speeding up the marketing process. Darren has been in the real estate industry for many years and has been a role model to many for his outstanding consistent achievements and high standard of service to his clients. He received many recognition awards consistently for several months.