About OLA EC

Developer Evia Real Estate and Gamuda have come together becoming the highest bidder as well as the direct developer of OLA executive condominium site in Sengkang. The duo became the top bidders after submitting S$318.89 million equivalent to S$576.2 psf ppr for OLA. OLA EC sits on an area of 184,461 sq ft and enjoys a plot ratio of 3.0.

The site attracted seven bidders with a bid from Qingjian Realty coming second being only S$899 less than the top bid. The bid from the Hong-Kong listed Chinese developer, Qingjian Realty, is one of the closest margins ever registered in the history of Government Land Sales (GLS). The 1.71-hectare site has the potential to yield a maximum of 550 residential units.

A bid from Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments came third at S$307.3 million translating to S$553.3 psf ppr. Out of the 7 bids submitted, the lowest bid received was from Anchor Development at S$500.95 psf ppr.

The site enjoys a strategic location sitting close to shopping malls such as Compass Point Mall providing convenience to its future residents. The executive condo is only 3 mins drive away from Sengkang MRT station, and 4 mins drive from Cheng Lim LRT station. Residents can also enjoy a plethora of sporting facilities nearby at Sengkang Sports Centre found only 700m away.

Access to other amenities and facilities such as schools and parks is easy from OLA condo. The future in this neighbourhood is even bright with plans already in place that will increase the number of amenities and lifestyle destinations around. Residents can look forward to more options that will allow them to live and work close to home.

Truly one of a kind, and the 1st Branded EC in Singapore, OLA is conceptualised as an enclave of modern sophistication. Living in OLA embodies the values of contemporary living by presenting a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city that is at the same time well-connected to amenities and the central via public transportation. 

What are the inspirations behind OLA? 

Unlike other developments, one can find in OLA multiple influences of the Spanish culture, such as the warmth of family and love, the quality of craftsmanship, and the ways of living an inspired life. One of the things that also stood out was the value of creating a strong community, and this is something we worked to reinforce in OLA by designing spaces that bring people together and create the traction for community to emerge.

How does architecture and design create these spaces? 

The interplay of architecture and design is key to creating meaningful and inclusive social spaces. There must be the right dynamic between people, architecture and the environment. OLA is also a unique case where there's dialogue between the brand and aesthetics of Lladro and Eva Armisen's art. We had to reinforce this dialogue by designing spaces that facilitate this dynamic between people, architecture and the environment.

How did we go about doing this?  

We used the ideas of community behind Spanish philosophies to inform the way we looked at ways to design spaces that brought about community in an organic way. To do this, we incorporated a three-dimensional approach for dynamism, creating elevated gyms and details quite different from the typical flatness of other developments. Details in the wall and railing motifs and colors influences by abstract art add liveliness. 

What are our favourite elements of OLA? 

OLA gives you a home designed to be innately alive. Here, you won't find a home designed in a boring and vanilla way. And Sengkang, being a green and lovely neighborhood, creates the background landscape that is intimate in scale and serene in nature. There's a lot of life that is not artificial, but breathing. There's a lot of light.

What can homeowners look forward to?  

They can look forward to living in a dynamic space that creates a community in a way that embraces people. Think spacious grounds populated with communal recreational spaces, an abundance of greenery, and an environment that offers calm, life, and animation. From layout to refined finishes, everything is designed to be practical yet stylish, providing the space to bring the experience of everyday life to greater heights..

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